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Welcome! Jeulia Rep Program is now open!
Are you:
▪ Obsessed with jewelry?
▪ A social media guru?
▪ Interested in a fun way to earn money?
If your answer is Yes, Yes, Yes! Then, Jeulia Jewelry Rep is the perfect opportunity for you! Join our team, and spread the love !
Perks of being a Jeulia Brand Rep:
As a Jeulia Brand Rep, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts!
▪ Commission - You will earn 15% commission on all referred sales.
( e.g. If the referred sale is $100, you’ll earn $15 )
▪ Discount - You will receive a 15% off unique coupon code for you, family, friends and your followers.
( We will track all sales brought in via your code.)
▪ Free Gifts - The more sales you make, the more tiers you’ll move up ,and the more rewards you’ll score!
Star - You’ve scored 2 sales, and we’ll send you a Jeulia logo shape open ring.
Hero - You’ve scored 4 sales, and we’ll send you a pair of Jeulia logo shape stud earrings.
Captain - You’ve scored 6 sales, and we’ll send you a Jeulia logo shape bracelet.
Leader - You’ve scored 10 sales, and we’ll send you a mermaid gift necklace.
▪ Be over the age of 18. World-wide Reps are more than welcome.
▪ Create content and post images rocking Jeulia merchandise on social media platforms.
▪ Share brand message with organizations in your community.
It's simple! Post and promote the products you love and earn a commission on the sales you generate.
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  • Can my rep code be used with other discount codes?
  • How do I get paid for my sales?
  • How do I track my sales and commission?
  • Do I need to meet a certain sales quota or amount?
  • How long can I be a Rep for?