Jeulia South Afica


These jewelry packed with favorite characters and their world views. Their world should watch over you forever. With intricate attention to detail, every unique aspect of them is crafted onto the jewelry. With your very own Q-figure on you, your mood will be instantly brightened up.


You'll stay with me? Always, until the end. We've all seen these figures across the screen, but now you can hold him/her close to you with these attractive designs. You can carry the spirit of them with you at all times...just remember to be good!


Animals hug the people they love. The internet is always buzzing with cute and funny animal videos/pictures. You may want to go near them and touch them or even push the envelope by hugging them. But they sure won't reciprocate those emotions, now you can have this jewelry that will wrap the animal you love in a loving embrace.

"Adorable Koala"

"Joyful Dolphin"


No matter who walks in or out of your life, there's one face that's always there to welcome you home. Your pet will stick by you through thick and thin, no questions asked. They'll be your cuddle bud for when you have a bad day, or binge bud for a late night Netflix marathon. A pet is in your corner for life. Keep your pet close to your heart, always, with this beautiful jewelry.